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Karaikudi which is known for its food and culture is where our firm was established back in 2008. It has been more than a decade of excellence. Our company Overseas Cyber Technical Services Pvt. Ltd. (OCTS) is the largest IT/Software company in Karaikudi. We mark ourselves as the rapidly growing next gen tech company to provide world class IT services to various clients across the globe. Our company runs on 4H Core Values namely HONESTY, HUMILITY, HARD WORK & HAPPINESS. This is a digital era, any kind of business requires to mark their presence on the internet. Being a forefront IT service provider, we create highly equipped softwares, websites, digital marketing plans, etc according to the needs of the client to mark them digitally and grow their business.

Having over 100 employees specialised in various services of radar of IT/ITES, OCTS is known for its modern products/services that are technology enabled and meeting international standards. We solve various issues of clients in the IT periphery. The vision of the client is the aim of our firm. We have a whole lot of clients from overseas who are happy and satisfied with our products/services and demanding to extend our relationship.

Our campus competes with the infrastructure and work culture of large companies in tech cities. It ensures hygienic & comfortable workspace for each of our employees. We maintain a very good team relationship where the space is ensured for each employee to share their ideas and grow with us towards an enlightening path. We provide great opportunities for our employees to enhance their technical & professional skills which will be profitable at both ends.  Our core values and mission is always the foundation for the success of our organisation.


  • Our Mission
We invest in activities that serve as a tool for our employees to develop their technical and professional skills to meet the growing demands of this evolving industrial standards.
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Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.

Meet the expert team.

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S. Radhakrishnan
Managing Director
Benjamin Sheby Meshach
Benjamin Sheby Meshach
Chief Operating Officer
Kavitha Manager
Kavitha Vivenkananth
MANAGER/Customer Support Specialist
Mohamed Arzath .I
I. Mohamed Arzath
ASST. MANAGER/Senior Developer

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