Whether you are a large auto dealer group or a small corner car lot with big aspirations, OCTS Marketing will help you and your team sell more cars by reaching people who are shopping for vehicles online.

OCTS is not just another website provider, We offer a personalized approach to every auto dealer website, landing page, micro site, mobile site and marketing campaign. We work closely with every client to ensure all needs are met. With our products and your team combined, we will sell more vehicles. From large automotive dealer groups to independent dealers, we've been providing custom automotive website solutions since 2014.

Quality Analyst is a person who take care of entire team who is working under the person, in terms of giving exact resolution to customer's query/complaint in a way where customer should get satisfied with the given resolution. We helps to ensure that an organization's products or services meet its quality standards. QA analysts are testers andproblem solvers. Job duties include testing websites or software for problems, documenting any issues and ensuring errors are corrected.

We inspects products at every stage of production to determine if they conform to standards. This includes tests for internal standards like color consistency and reliable. We record the results of their inspections and prepare test reports. When we find defects, inspectors notify supervisors and help to analyze and correct the production problems.

Customer Care

Customer service representatives interact with customers on behalf of an organization. We provide information about products and services, take orders, respond to customer complaints and process returns. We must respond to questions and complaints in a friendly and professional manner.


Web Development

We are responsible for programming the code that tells a website how to function. We provide web content in a user-friendly environment. We provides a challenging aspect to web site development and maintenance.


Good testers can find bugs. We can think like a user, to verify the business rules, etc, but we also act like a user when they click in unusual patterns to force your application to break. It may seem like they're abusing the application and using it in a way its not meant to be used, but that's their job.